"Because of Valerie's talents, my home is now a sanctuary instead of a place to hang my hat.  When I met Valerie my wardrobe was in a state of chaos and now I'm dressing for success. 

                                                    --Terry Canfield, Los Angeles Realtor

"Valerie did a great job helping me upgrade my wardrobe from Kinsey Millhone casual to a more sophisticated look.  She went through my closets, sorting out the usable items from those that needed to be eliminated.  She coordinated what I kept and worked out a plan for adding classic new ensembles that would integrate with the separates I treasured.  She handled all of my personal shopping and took care of returns items if it didn't suit me.  Altogether, she was a whiz at understanding my taste, my comfort level, and my needs.  She has a great eye and a solid understanding of style, color, and the most flattering cuts."
                                                    --Sue Grafton, author, Kinsey Millhone Mysteries

"I hired Valerie because my business was taking off and I knew I needed a new image to fit my career.  I use to be in a more corporate environment where my look was preppy, dated and conservative.  Not only do I have a new look to fit my business as a Webmaster, but I discovered that everything I owned was too big, lacked flattering color, and a poor fit.  I feel great in my new look which serves me in business socials, meeting with clients, as well as my social life.   It's made a huge difference in my day-to-day world. I feel empowered, comfortable, organized and stylish."

                                                 --Michael Kramer, Webmaster
                                                  Owner of Ameravant, [email protected]

"Valerie went through my closet with me and helped me identify which clothes were stylish and serving me well, which clothes fit poorly, and which clothes simply had to go.  Then we started to build a wardrobe based on the pieces I already had.  She pointed out that a basic black suit could make a statement with the right blouse, scarf, or shoes.  I love all of my pieces, and have been complimented many times over on the clothes and accessories she picked out for me.  If you want to look your best every day, or for a special occasion, Valerie can make it happen."

                                                 --Jody C. Moore, Esq., http://www.jodymoorelaw.com/

"Valerie's intuitive sense about wardrobe and interior design created a radical shift in my presence with clients and friends.  In three short months, due to an increase in my self-concept and confidence, my clientele expanded by 300%."

                                                 --Anonymous male client
                                                 (Business privacy)   
"After interviewing many decorators and collecting foreign and American magazines, I finally came across the name I needed, Valerie Burns.  My kids are grown and I'm only in my 40's, needing to reinvent myself in a new career and home life.  My space had to express a new image, as well as a peaceful clarity after a hard day's work.  In all, it was in the imagination, talent and vision that Valerie was able to create exactly what I wanted.  My new apartment with ocean views was empty.  From scratch, Valerie created a modern, fresh, elegant and pleasing space for me.  When I walk through the door I feel just wonderful - almost ad if I've stepped into an exquisite resort with the lovely colors, design, and a beautifully planted terrace with fountains.  The hallmark of what Valerie does best is working with what is already there.  She brought in the ocean feel with blues and great contrast colors; clean, lovely furniture; a pleasing built-in office space, and my sumptuous sunset mélange in the master bedroom.  My pied-a-terre in Montecito is heaven.  Everyone should have a sanctuary to escape to after a busy day.  I hope to soon hire Valerie for my Manhattan residence."  

                                                 --Jenny B, Entrepreneur

"I moved to Santa Barbara from Indiana with my family last year beginning a new career as a Financial Advisor.  This has been a huge transition in my life.  Every piece of clothing I owned was from Indiana and a former career.  Valerie helped me weed out and organize my closet, utilizing pieces I had that worked.  In truth, my clothing didn't fit Santa Barbara lifestyle or ‘me' since losing a lot of weight.  I now have a polished and stylish presentation that gives me the extra advantage when I meet new clients.  I am confident in my look being appropriate for the professional image I need.  I've received many compliments."                

                                                   --Wayne Hewitt, Financial Advisor
                                                   Edward [email protected]

"When my daughter was about 18 months, I thought it was time to update my look.  For the last two years, I had been wearing maternity clothes and sweats.  I was tired of looking like an out-of-style Mom and I needed to infuse my business with an updated look.  It was an easy trap to fall into since I was primarily working from home and meeting clients over the phone.  It was time to build up my self-esteem and my business knowing I would meet potential clients as well.  Valerie came into my home and closet to help me decide what clothes to keep and what was not working anymore.  Essentially, we needed to start over and the process of creating the new me began.  Valerie understood how to convey a professional, yet approachable look.  She was able to tie this in with my need for comfort and practicality.  I appreciate Valerie's keen sense of style.  It has been great working with someone who can stretch your idea of yourself in an educational and enjoyable way."                       

                                                   --Beth Lyons, Cash Flow Solutions
                                                   "Your College Education in Personal or Business Finance"                            

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